What to Wear and When to Wear It - Snowboarding Gear List

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Snowboarding Gear Checklist

What to wear when snowboarding

Going snowboarding and trying to get prepared but don't know what to wear? This article provides you with a list of the Basic Snowboard Gear that you will need. Wearing the right apparel will help enable you to perform better as well as helping to fend off the cold and wet keeping you on the slopes for longer.

The key to getting it right is all about the layers. Dressing in layers allows you to adapt to sudden changes in temperature by shedding a layer, and prepares you for the times you will find yourself overheating from pushing your endurance to limits.

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Star Wars Trooper Hoodie by Ecko

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Awesome Star Wars Trooper Hoodie by Marc Ecko

Ecko Star Wars Storm Trooper hoodie

The Star Wars Trooper hoodie by Marc Ecko. This awesome zip-front hoodie features the star wars "Storm Trooper" hood which looks like a mask and the rest of the hoodie looks like the storm trooper body armour. 100% cotton. Rib knit sleeve cuffs, hem and zip welt pockets. Machine wash.

This awesome Storm Trooper hoodie retails for around $99 AUD and $126 NZD

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